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Mai Lasan is a colourist from Berlin whose work is defined by a combination of her passion for visual aesthetic and determined perfectionism.

She's consistently emphasizing on the infinite beauty of skin tones and harmony of colours.

In the early days of her career, Mai’s focus was all on gaining perspective: Living and working in Tokyo and Barcelona enabled her to not only speak four languages, but also to see things from a different perspective.


Since 2012, Mai has been constantly working for and with numerous top-notch film productions, directors and artists.


After she returned from living in Tokyo, she started out as a post production junior and worked at several productions in Berlin and Munich.

Later she carried on as a freelance editor and director to then specialise as a colourist working for various international productions, post houses, agencies and artists.

The focus on colours began in 2016 when she moved to Barcelona to attend private classes in colour grading with one of Barcelona’s most renowned colourists.

In 2017, Mai worked together with a senior colourist in Berlin and then developed her abilities in color grading independently.

In 2020 she went back to Tokyo to join Digital Garden Inc.

Since 2022 she has expanded her base to Cape Town, Lagos and L.A and works on beautiful projects across the globe. 

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